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Even small changes in diet can have the ability to transform your health and well-being.Our coaches are ready to  support you, to take the steps you desire in getting to be the best possible you.

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Remote means anytime and anywhere for total freedom.

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No contracts and no nonsense, you’re in control.

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Relax in your favourite chair or sitting on the sofa.

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With the skills and experience that you need the most.

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Discovery Package

Select Your Ideal Nutritionist

Search through our Fitness Coaches, view their skills, experience and qualifications to find the perfect fit for you. You’ll find that our coaches  are ready to support you, whatever your goals or lifestyle choices.

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Book A Discovery Chat

On your chosen fitness coaches’ profile, simply click the booking link to select a convenient day and time to book a 15 minute slot.

Take The Online Discovery Questionnaire

Once you book your discovery chat, you’ll receive a link to our comprehensive online nutrition questionnaire. This takes 5-10 min to complete and will really help you to prepare for your discovery chat and provide key information for your chosen nutritionist.
Click for more information about the questionnaire.

Click To Find Out About Our Online Questionnaire

Three Day Exercise Diary

After booking your discovery chat, you’ll also receive a link to download an optional three day exercise diary to print and fill-in. This will also help you to prepare for your discovery chat and help complete your initial profile.

Your Ongoing Coaching

Creating Additional Bookings

Once you’ve had your discovery chat, it’s easy to book sessions to really get into the heart of your needs. To do this, on your chosen professionals  profile, simply click the booking link to select additional dates and times to book.

What To Expect

During each session, you will work closely with your Coach, discovering what works, where the focus should be and what outcomes to expect. Our qualified registered coaches do not believe in fads or the latest celebrity diets, they will work with you to provide the most relevant guidance for you.

We believe it is very important to not only receive great advice but also have faith in the person giving it.

You will have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have, gain valuable tips regarding general well-being and get step by step advice on what small changes you can make in different areas of your life that add up to a transformation in your lifestyle, health, mind and body.

A Typical Coaching Plan

Discovery Chat


1st Session


2nd Session


Followup Sessions


One size doesn’t fit all, you might be looking for a single one hour ‘kickstarter’ session to help you work out your new diet or maybe you want a 30 minute followup session every month for an ongoing catch up and support. Whatever your needs, we are here for you.

Once you’ve had your 15 minute discovery chat with your chosen nutritionist, it might be that you want to try 2 or even 3 different nutritionists to make sure you get exactly the right person to help you. With Nutritionists 4U, you have the flexibility.

Connecting To Your Coach

We use Skype as it allows voice or video calls, it’s free and easy to use and most importantly it works on many different types of devices, including computers, tablets and phones.

If you don’t have or know about Skype, use the link below for further information.

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