• Eat from a smaller plate

Adults look for external cues to identify when they are full, such as clearing a plate, whereas children rely on internal clues. Having a smaller plate also means you can control your portion sizes easier and really visualise how much you are consuming.


  • Sleep is the answer!

Lack of sleep can cause hormonal imbalance, not a caloric one and lead to stress which can cause weight gain. Since a majority of us are sleep deprived, getting a good nights sleep is good advice for everyone.


  • Never shop on an empty stomach & drink plenty of fluids

Food shopping on an empty stomach is a weight gain disaster waiting to happen – so try and eat something before you go out for your shop or order it online.  Not only this, but try to drink more fluids before mealtimes, as this can make you feel fuller for longer – and sometimes you’re actually just thirsty!

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