• Hydration is key

Stay hydrated and add more water to your diet. Not only can drinking more water aid weightloss, it can also have many other health benefits,  such as clearer skin and aiding bowel movements.  Replacing your sugary fizzy drinks with a glass of water is such a simple change with a huge longterm impact.


 Intermittent Fasting


Whilst this tip  sounds like a drastic change, it’s not as challenging as you think and you can tailor this to your personal life extremely easily!


The 16/8 method involves a daily fast for 16 hours ( sounds like a lot, right?) Wrong!  As an example, your 8 eating hours could be from 10am – 6pm. Technically, if you finished your last meal of the day at 6pm and then had your first meal the next day at 10am, you would have fasted for 16 hours.


Eating healthily at regular points through out the day can help regulate bowel movements,  increase weightloss and  research has shown that it can potentially lower blood sugar .


  • Little is better than none

Maybe youre  tight on time or have too busy a  lifestyle for constant gym trips?

Even 15 minutes of daily yoga stretches or weight training at home can help your body become healthier and stronger, a little can go a long way. Mix this with a higher water intake and set meal times and youre on the right track!


And if you don’t own any weights, you can fill up water bottles to use instead, theyre just as effective and when you feel more comfortable simply fill up a larger bottle.

Theres also a lot of stretches and muscle training exercises you can do at home, such as sit ups, the plank and crunches!

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